Degustabox Review & Coupon January 2018

Degustabox is a food subscription box. It sends 10-15 items every month for only $19.99 a month plus free shipping! Click here to get your first box for $9.99 & FREE SHIPPING!

Loacker White Chocolate Crispy Wafer $2

One of my new favorite brands to look out for. I found out about this brand from this box and I’m always excited when I see and get more of it! It reminds me a lot of a Kit Kat and I can not wait to try these!

Explore Cuisine Organice Edamame Spaghetti $5

This is such a unique item that I definitely would not have picked up myself. Degusta recommends making this spaghetti with a pesto sauce. Thats definitely an easy dinner to make and the pesto will kind of disguise the greenish color of this spaghetti. Otherwise, I would never be able to get my fiancé to try this.


Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil $11

Degusta always has the best timing for staples for me. I needed another bottle of olive oil and now this saves me from getting another trip to the store. I use olive oil for all of my cooking so I always need more!

Go Organically Fruit Medley Snacks $4

I have received this fruit snacks so many times from Degusta that its getting boring. Even though Kevin loves getting them, I am so over it. I rather see something new.

Crown Maple Sugar $1 each

I feel like this is extremely foolish to say, but I’m not sure if I knew maple sugar was a thing. I obviously knew about Maple SYRUP but I don’t know why I am in love with maple sugar. It seems so cute to me for some reason. PLUS, this is a healthier alternative to granulated sweeteners. I can’t wait to try it in my coffee tomorrow morning!

Wasa Thins Rosemary & Sea Salt $3

I have received Wasa Thins before from Degusta and it was delicious. I’m pretty sure we finished the whole box last time just snacking on them with nothing else.

Dole Fruit Bowls Pineapple & Mandarin Orange in Coconut Water $3

I hate dole fruit bowls but I love how these are in coconut water instead of fruit juices or syrups. One cup is only 60 calories. I can not wait to try these out!

Boomchickapop Sea Salt Popcorn $1.40 each

I’ve had Boomchickapop before and I’m really not a popcorn person, but I am training myself to snack on it more than other snacks only because it is such a healthier option.

Maya Kaimal Naan Chips Sea Salt $1.30 each

I can’t wait to try these! These look absolutely delicious! They aren’t as healthy as I thought they were going be, but they’re still better than regular chips!

Cello Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps $4

I LOVE THESE CHIPS. I have had them before in parmesan from Degusta Box and I can not wait to try them in cheddar cheese! I love how 23 chips are only 170 calories. Snacking without the guilt.

Degusta said I would recieve 10-15 items and I received 11 items equaling $41!  I am still impressed and in shock how they can offer free shipping for a box that is one of the heaviest boxes I have ever received. What did you think of this months DegustaboxClick here to sign up for the next box for only $9.99!

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