Dior Rouge Lipstick in Matte Red Product Review

Dior Rouge Lipstick in Matte Red $35

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 This lipstick looks like pure luxury. The price point seems pretty fair for being such a high luxury brand. I love how clean and chic the design of the bottle is and the color is like a perfect red in the tube. This lipstick promises to give you 16 hours of wear without streaking or drying out lips. This lipstick is actually made with mango butter and I’m allergic to mangoes, I break out in hives if I accidentally eat one, but I’m still going to try out this lipstick. I think I should be fine as long as it doesn’t get in my mouth.

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I applied this lipstick to my lips after I applied my chapstick, as usual. The first thing I noticed was how smooth it went on and hydrating It already felt on my lips. I wore this lipstick all day and I was BEYOND impressed by this lipstick. This is the red lipstick that I fully encourage everyone to go out and buy. Go ahead, I’ll wait. This lipstick, for the first time in history, fully lives up to its promises. Like I said, I wore this bright red lipstick all day, while I was talking, eating, drinking, and kissing and it didn’t budge! No joke! I started rubbing my hand of my lips to see if I could get it to rub off on my hand and I couldn’t. It was amazing! My fiancé was so in love with the fact that he could kiss me on the lips while I am wearing lipstick and not get it on him or make me upset that it was ruined. I am literally in awe that this lipstick is created, because I never thought I would see the day when a formula like this would exist. Also, I did not have any reaction to this lipstick even though it is created with mango butter, so that is good to know if anyone shares my allergy!


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