Daily Goodie Box – Review – August 2017

Daily Goodie Box is a FREE box that is shipped out once a month and its filled with 10 FULL SIZED & deluxe samples! Daily goodie box is basically a mix between Pinchme and Social Nature and they ship out the first Monday of each month! All you have to do once you get the box is leave reviews for each product once you have tried it out!

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Balla Body Spray For Men $20

I love getting full sized items in these boxes even if I can’t use them! We just received the powder last month  and now we get to try another product from their line. Granted Kevin has not used the powder yet but I’m sure he will be much more likely to use this spray. This scent is very manly and nice and most likely a scent I would have bought him if I were walking through the fragrance department of the store. This body spray says it will leave you feeling fresh and comfortable and smelling great!


Javazen Organic Coffee with Matcha & Cacao

I am obsessed with Matcha, I love getting my green tea lattes at starbucks. Matcha always makes me feel refreshed and I never feel jittery or crazy like I do with coffee. This comes in a big tea bag so you can brew a whole pot of this matcha tea coffee. I’m going to save this for when I have more people over to try this, so it does not go to waste!

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Yarok Feed Your Moisture Shampoo

Yarok shampoo brand is a vegan shampoo and is made will natural ingredients. This shampoo is supposed to leave your hair hydrated and moisturized naturally.

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PB Crave Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter

I always see these on the shelf at the grocery store and I always want to get it but I never do. I am so happy I will finally get to try this out! It is perfect for back to school, even though I don’t have any kiddies I do have a giant kiddo fiancé who goes to medical school and loves when I pack him up lunches. I will have to make him a sandwich with some bananas in the middle! This sample is big enough to use for one sandwich and its only 190 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 3 grams of sugars!

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Hannah Max Baking Crunchy Cookie Chips Chocolate Chip $1.50

This whole bag is only 120 calories! This is a great way to have something sweet while not feeling guilty later. I’m not that big into the crunchy cookies but Kevin really likes them! Maybe this will be an extra to one of his school lunches.

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Detox Water in Peachberry

I am so happy we got this water again! Last month we received this water but in Mango, but I am allergic to mango so Kevin got to drink that water with out sharing but this time I finally get to try this aloe water! We are huge aloe water drinkers but we prefer our aloe water with pulp.

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Better Life All Purpose Cleaner

This is an all natural all purpose cleaner. It is supposed to be ‘safe for you not for stains’ but the cleaner smells really weird and now I just feel like I have to bleach my countertops after spraying this on them. I’ll stick with my chemical cleaners.

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Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse in Peppermint

So this is actually a mouthwash before you brush your teeth. They recommend you rinse first, then use toothpaste, then use polish. Right now I brush, polish, and rinse so that is quite different from my routine. This absolutely taste disgusting in my mouth, it does not make my mouth feel clean it makes it feel coated and taste like gym socks. Once I spit this disgusting liquid out of my mouth and wait only a few seconds my mouth does feel clean and minty.

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I am so impressed by the curation of this Daily Goodie Box. They have included so many Full sized products and deluxe sized samples. I love getting to experience new products and I love how this whole experience was 100% free. Sign up here to get in on the next months box!

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