Chatterbox – Kleenex Multicare Tissues – June 2017

Chatterbox is a program that is a part of House Party. These websites are like WOM advertising and have you throw parties to promote a product. The chatterbox program is more like bzzagent, in which they send you a product and you review it for your self or with a friend and you talk to other people about it and review it.

I was chosen for the Kleenex Multicare Tissues!

I have received all of this complimentary to try and review.




Kleenex Multicare Large Tissues $5

My boyfriend, Kevin, has terrible allergies right now so these tissues could not come at a better time. At first he was making fun of the size of these tisssues, I mean they are really big. They are 75% bigger than the standard tissues and also 50% stronger. Kevin truly learned to love them when he only needed one tissues when he would normally grab two or three. Other than the size and the strength to these tissues there are no other differences. They are still very soft and they do their job well. I’m not a fan of the shape of the box, I prefer the standard upright carton rather than this sliding cube,. I find that it is hard for me to find a place that I like to keep them since the box is so wide. I don’t think we will be switching to these tissues full time. We would definitely purchase these exclusively for when one of us is sick but I think it is a bit excessive for everyday use.

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I am always happy to try a new product! Will you be signing up for Houseparty/chatterbox?

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