Daily Goodie Box – Review – May 2017

 Daily Goodie Box is a FREE box that is shipped out once a month and its filled with 10 FULL SIZED & deluxe samples! Daily goodie box is basically a mix between Pinchme and Social Nature and they ship out the first Monday of each month! All you have to do once you get the box is leave reviews for each product once you have tried it out!

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Ona Peanut Butter Cookies $2.50

These cookies are grain free, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. All the ingredients are so clean and easy to read, there is nothing in the list that you wouldn’t be able to pronounce. These cookies are super moist and feel like they were just made. They taste so healthy and I definitely taste more of the coconut than peanut butter. Thankfully my sister is on a hardcore diet like this and would finish these cookies off for me.

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Volo Energy Vitamins Stickpacks Berry & Citrus $2.50

I love little packets like this! They are perfect for on the go and packing them to school or work. This is an all natural energy drink that has no sugar and is only 5 calories! I can not wait to bring these to work and get to taste them myself!

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Georgia Grinders Creamy Peanut Butter

I actually have a jar of this in my pantry right now. I love this peanut butter so much, it is all natural and you can truly taste how natural it is. You can really taste a difference between this product and jiff peanut butter. I am just a little confused about this squeeze bottle packaging. It doesn’t seem all that easy to get peanut butter out of this.


Natralia Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo $13

This formula is very thick and has a light medicated scent to it. It is safe for children and babies and promises to be sting free and ph balanced. I do not have eczema but I do know someone who does and would most likely get more use from this product than I would.

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Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Ground Coffee $9.99

Kevin and I love coffee, we drink multiple cups a day and we love trying new brands and  flavors. We have never heard of this coffee before and we can not wait to try this! It is organic and roasted in Canada.

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Prince Of Peace Ginger Candy $2

As soon as I saw this in the box I knew my sister would get this bag. I can not stand ginger anything but my sister loves ginger tea and ginger candies.  Each candy is only 15 calories and only has 4 ingredients. This bag is packed full with about 30 pieces of individually wrapped candies.

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Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE Lift & Firm Cream 

This face cream is designed with regenerating fruit stem cell science for visible age defying results. It promises to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fade hyperpigmentation for even skin tone. Since I’m in my mid 20s I will be passing this on to someone who would be able to see a result.

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SWAGO Cologne Wipes for Men On-the-Go

This is a wipe of cologne for men, when they are on the go. I will pass this on to Kevin, but I don’t think this is a product that he would really use.

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Viter Energy Caffeinated Breath Mints

I never heard of caffeinated breath mints before, but I love the idea of them! This is the perfect item for me to bring with me on my 12 hour work days. It will keep me going in between my coffee breaks. Now I am excited to go to work and see how these products test out.  Use Code: DAILYGOODIEBOX to save 10% off.

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Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch $1

These are non-greasy patches that provide fast acting and long lasting relief for hours. These are super flexible patches that contour to your body and have the active ingredients, camphor and menthol. This is the perfect item for a lot of people in my family. If we end up liking the results, they will definitely become a staple and bought in bulk.

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I am so impressed by the curation of this Daily Goodie Box. They have included so many Full sized products and deluxe sized samples. I love getting to experience new products and I love how this whole experience was 100% free. Sign up here to get in on the next months box!

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