Facetory – Subscription – Review – March 2017

Facetory is a subscription box filled with Korean sheet masks. They have two plans that you can subscribe to; four masks for $6 a month – more entry level sheet mask OR seven masks for $16 a month a lot more advanced and more luxurious sheet masks. This is a review of the four masks intro level!

This box was sent for review purposes.


This little paper is filled with helpful tips. Cleanse and tone before applying the mask, keep the mask on for 10-25 mins, and remove mask and lightly pat remaining essence into skin.  My favorite tip is to use any remaining essence in the package on your arms, neck, and legs! I never thought of doing that and I’m so upset on how much I have wasted!

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DewyTree Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask $2

All the ingredients in this sheet mask work to provide moisture to skin that is dry and rough due to environmental steps factors. The sheet mask is so thin that it is able to stick to all the crevices of your face! This mask was so big for my face, it did not fit my face at all, this was made for someone with bigger features and a wider face. Plus, I have never experienced this extremely sticky feeling after using a sheet mask. I usually never wash my face after using a sheet mask but I absolutely had to I felt dirty and sticky and my face feels a little tight and dry now. I definitely wouldn’t use this mask again.

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Faceshop Real Nature Goji Berry Mask $1.50

This face mask uses natural ingredients to hydrate the skin. This mask contains ground up goji berries which uses the berry extract to help moisturize rough, dry skin. This masks smells like fruity goodness on my face and feels moisturizing and relaxing. As always I washed my face before applying this sheet mask and left it on until it was drying out and stuck to my face. My skin was left feeling hydrated and healthy and beyond super soft!

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No:hj Healing Mask Pack – Lustre Lemon $2

This sheet mask contains gold flakes to help improve skin penetration with vitamins and vegetable extracts. This sheet mask promises to improve skin tone and texture. The sheet mask is more of a woven texture than the usual thicker sheet masks. It doesn’t really smell like lemons it has more of a lotion-y floral scent to it, that is starting to give me quite a headache. This mask is very cooling and feels deep cleaning, I could feel it in my pores, which is a really wonderful feeling that makes me feel more awake and refreshed.  After taking this sheet mask off my skin was left looking brighter and so hydrated and healthy. This was definitely my favorite sheet mask out of the three that I have tried so far!

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Beyond Herb Garden Peony $1.50

Peonies are my favorite flower, so seeing this sheet mask in this collection made me so happy. This one was definitely my favorite of the pack, it had no scent and it was the thickest of the sheet masks. Which probably seems like a bad thing but I like when its a thick cream instead of a light serum because the light serums left me feeling sticky and this sheet masks left me feeling moisturized and my face looked a like brighter and healthier. I was not left feeling like I had to wash my face after or put on moisturizer. I would absolutely recommend this sheet mask and I would probably go out of my way to purchase this sheet mask again in the future.

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For $6 a month I think this is a terrific value and a great way to experience new sheet masks that I probably wouldn’t come across in my normal shopping trips. What did you think of this months selection? Click here to sign up now!

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