Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – Product Review

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask $24

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This brand is new to me and so are sleeping masks. I’ve never personally used a sleeping mask but I’m excited and optimistic about the idea of it. I like to use a heavier cream at night because my skin gets pretty dry overnight,but I had no idea their was a hydrating moisturizing mask that you could sleep in overnight.  I have the problem when if the air is too dry  I wakeup and my skin is tight and my pores are super enlarged, so I know a product like this would be super beneficial to my skin.

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I washed my face normally, as I would every night and especially before applying a mask. The mask is a white gel that goes on clear. It has a very subtle citrus scent that you can not smell once on your face. After applying the mask I did not apply any moisturizer, so even though I am replacing this mask for my moisturizer, I can absolutely still feel a big difference between the two. This mask kind of makes my skin feel itchy, not that I’m having a reaction to it but because the mask feels as if its still wet on my face even though it has dried. I’m sure as the night goes on and as the mask dries more this feeling will come to an end. When I woke up my face looked absolutely radiant, well rested, and glowing. My pores are now hardly visible and looks completely flawless. I’m beyond impressed and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite skin product I have reviewed so far.

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