Popsugar Must Have – Review &Coupon – May 2016

Popsugar boxes are designed to give you the ‘Must Haves’ of the month. The Must Haves in beauty, fashion, fitness, food, and home. Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 monthly, $109.85 for 3 months, $214.70 for 6 months, or $429.50 for a yearly subscription. Click here to sign up for you first box & use MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your subscription.

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These new boxes are so big!


Jimmy Bar Peanut Butter Clutter $2.50

As soon as I saw that this was a “clean” snack bar and that it’s gluten free I passed this along to my sister who sticks to a gluten free diet. She snacked on this during one of our shopping trips and she really enjoyed it. She just didn’t like how the wrapper of this bar is really misleading and the actual bar is half the size.

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Bluma Project Capri Bracelets $44

Each bracelet alone is $25 and we each received two of them. Looking at their selection of bracelets I really would have liked any of their other bracelets, especially the dreamer bracelet. These two bracelets are super delicate and make me scared to wear them. You can find them on eBay.


Hint Kick Apple Pear Water $1.70

This water promises to give you that caffeine kick naturally and doing it with 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar. I don’t know about this flavor though, I wouldn’t have chose this flavor on my own. My boyfriend believes that it should be a bubbly water. Meanwhile I believe it taste like medicine, he disagrees.

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Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat $25

This is a cool concept but this is just not a product that I personally need. I currently do not practice yoga outside of my living room. But this mat gets pretty big, 68 inches long! You can find this on eBay for less.

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Kocostar Foot Therapy $12

I’ve never seen anything like this. Its like one of those paper face mask but for your feet in the shape of a bootie! I can not wait to use these, the only problem is that you have to leave these on for 1.5 hours, I heard it is very difficult to walk around in these. Knowing myself I will probably have the unfortunate luck of having to go to the bathroom while wearing these. You can find these on eBay.

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Revlon Volume + Length Mascara $8

This was a special extra. I don’t use revlon mascara and I don’t personally like to try out different mascaras because I believe I found the perfect mascara. You can find this on eBay for less.

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Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply $25

I love the minty scent of this spray. I used to use an aromatherapy sleep spray on my pillows before I went to bed every night in high school. I think I will pickup on that again now that I have this spray. It just makes you feel really relaxed and I feel like it even helps me breathe clearer, if thats even a thing. You can find yours on eBay.

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Spongelle Sponology Body Wash Infused Buffer $20

I absolutely love the scent its very nice but it is not too strong that it gives me a headache. The scent is milk and honey, honestly my favorite combination for skincare. Its super hard though, I hope the loofah softens up a little in the shower. You can find yours for less on eBay.

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I also received a $10 off coupon for Halfhitchgoods.com they have a bunch of artisan gifts on their website. I payed $40 and received $138 of stuff. I feel like the amount is pretty low. This box is pretty mixed for me, some things I will end up using and others I will be passing along. What did you think of this months box? Click here to sign up to get your next box!

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