New Merchandise In!

Krass & Co. has a BUNCH of new stuff in! As always, I WANT IT ALL!!! Krass has just created and added hidden pocket tees!

Classic Crest (4 colors) $32 each

Classic Sailboat (2 colors) $32 each

Lobster Hidden Pocket Tee $34


Long Sleeve Mermaid Hidden Pocket Tee $40

Mermaid Hidden Pocket Tee (2 colors) $34 each

Nautical Logo (2 colors) $32 each

Surfer Hidden Pocket Tee (2 colors) $34 each

Tribal Crest Tank $32

Tribal Crest Tee $32


Remember to use the code SJREP to save 15% off all purchases! Using this code makes these shirts range from $27-$36!

Happy Shopping!


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