Elle Inner Circle – Ultra Downy – Product Review – 2016

Elle Inner Circle is a part of Elle Magazine. Elle Inner Circle is just like glamspotters, you just do a bunch of surveys and polls and sometimes they will have samples for you to try and then give them your feedback!

Ultra Downy in April Fresh

This is available on :



I didn’t understand why I was sent downy, since I feel this is a household staple. But, then I realized that its a new scent, April Fresh. I washed my towels with this fabric softener and while I was pouring it in the washing machine I could smell hints of a floral scent. Once the towels were dried it just smelled exactly like regular downy. SO, I feel if you already have regular downy and don’t feel the need to change fabric softeners, then don’t. The scent of this fabric softener isn’t life changing that you would have to switch to April Fresh.

I’m very happy I was chosen for this sample! Have you tried this fabric softener yet?

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