Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer – Product Review

Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer $15

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I have only ever tried Garniers shampoo & conditioner. I have stopped using their brand for about ten years now. I like that this moisturizer is oil free and has Vitamin C and SPF 15. This daily moisturizer promises brighter and more even skin tone and smoother and a more refined skin texture.

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*On sale at Amazon for $12.99*

I really like the formula of this moisturizer. Its a lighter kind of sunscreen texture that does not feel thick or creamy. It totally makes my skin feel softer and I’ve even noticed a healthy glow after using this moisturizer. I love how right after applying this moisturizer my skin immediately soaks it all up so my skin never has a dirty cakey feeling. This is the perfect lotion for summers, working out, and traveling to warm climates!

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