Eat. Feed. Love. -Subscription box – Review – January 2016

Eat. Feed. Love. Taste Club Box is monthly subscription box that sends out artisan foods from around the world. The cost of the box is $39 from month to month.

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I like how everything is individually wrapped!


Épices De Cru in Madras Curry, Black Cumin, Green Cardamon

SORRY For the quality of this picture! I don’t like how this box cost $40 and then they send out sample sizes of these spices, I just feel like that is a rip off. Also these spices are whole and not ground up so that makes it even more difficult for me to incorporate them into my  everyday cooking life.


Level Ground Trading Chai Tea $6

I love chai tea! I’ve been currently ordering Iced Chai Tea Lattes at Starbucks lately, they taste like christmas!! The only thing that would have been better about this tea is if it were tea bags and not loose tea.

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Olive The Senses Persian Lime Infused Olive Oil $13

I love olive oil, I’m that person that soaks my bread in it. I love the smell of this and I think this would be a wonderful oil to dip bread in.

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Olive The Senses Lemon Grass Mint White Balsamic Vinaigrette $14

This smells like cleaning product. I wouldn’t ever recommend smelling this or using this on any edible product. I just got the worst headache from opening this bottle. Its like a minty  nail polish remover. I don’t even know how you would incorporate this into any meal.

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UMI’S Kitchen Mango Chatini Mangue Sauce

This looks so delicious but unfortunately I’m allergic to Mangoes so I will have to pass this on to someone else. I wish I got any of the other sauces, they all look so delicious.

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Arvinda’s Garam Masala $8

This smells amazing. It has a great nutty scent to it and I would love to use this in a chicken dish. The recipes look super easy and delicious.

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Askinoise Itty Bar Dark Chocolate

This bar is literally so small, it is exactly the same length as 3 fingers put together. However, I will accept chocolate no matter the size. This dark chocolate is extremely bitter.

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I’m honestly just going to say it, I really did not like this box. I had a coupon to get this 50% off and the coupon showed but then it charged me full price. It took me a month to get my refund. The customer service was atrocious. I will never order this box again and I strongly do not recommend it.

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