BeautyDNA Subscription Box – Review – April 2015

BeautyDNA is a subscription box company that they only send you FULL SIZE products, which I love because I hate paying for sample sizes, samples should be free. The really cool thing about this site is that they match you to your perfect beauty products as you would on a dating site. You fill out a survey about what you want in terms of hair, face, and body products and list what you need help with and what scents you like and don’t like. They send you one to two full sized items for only $25 a month. How awesome is that!?




Philip B Maui Wowie Volumizing & Thickening Beach Mist $22

I was matched to this hair product because i listed that I have a lack of volume in my hair and that I like a beachy fragrance also because I like aloe vera and coconut oil, both which are in the hair mist. I have actually been wanting this hair mist for a while now. So, I’m so excited that I’ve actually got a chance to try it out! First off, I love the beachy scent but I did try it out on dry hair and did not use a hair dryer while I was scrunching my hair and did not see any results. I will have to try it again on damp hair and use my hair dryer while I’m scrunching my hair and hopefully then I will see some results!


Supersmile Professional Whitening System and 45 Degree Angled Toothbrush $45

I’m not sure how i was matched to this product. But I’m glad that I was, I have not used it yet because it seems very intimidating but after reading the directions it doesn’t seem all that terribly hard. I thought that I would have to brush my teeth twice but I’m glad that I now know that you have to put a pearl size amount of each paste on the brush and only have to brush once.


I payed $25 and got a product worth $67, I’m thrilled with the amount of the box! I’m glad that I got to experience both of these products! What did you think of this months BeautyDNA box?

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