BZZAGENT – Bridge Lane Wine – Review!

I don’t know if you know about bzzagent but seriously, you need to check it out! They send you FREE stuff. yes, 100% free you do not have to pay a penny. so basically what it is, is you sign up and take a few surveys about your everyday life, products that you use, if you have allergies, if you have pets, etc. very simple questions and then when they have a campaign thats relevant to you they will ask you if you want to join and you can say yes or no, and they send you a box with items that relevant to the campaign and you just have to try it out and write a review. maybe take a few pictures for extra points, talk to your friends and hand out some coupons. All they want from you, is your honest opinion about the product. Pretty cool right?

I received these products complimentary from Bzzagent for testing purposes.


Bridge Lane Box of Wine – Red Blend $40

This hasn’t been the same experience I’ve had with all the other bzzagent kits I’ve received in the past. First of all, this is the first bzzagent kit where I actually had to pay. I had such high hopes for this box, since I live on Long Island and I’ve summered out in Riverhead all my life, I thought it would be wonderful to try their wine and be able to support them and spread the word. They only gave us a $30 coupon for the box and we had to put down $10. I’ve had the worst experience with Bridge Lane Wine and I really would not recommend them. Once you made the purchase they sent you a conformation email but they never sent any tracking information. I emailed them a week later asking them for tracking information and they emailed me telling me that the box was sent out the day before and she gave me a 5 number tracking number. I put in the 5 number tracking number into google and it didn’t come up with anything. So I had to email her again and ask what delivery service they used. apparently they use one called DHL or something even more random than that. She told me it would take 7 days to arrive, even though it would take me 1 hour to drive out there and get it myself, so I don’t understand why it would be 7 days.  Also I thought it was so weird that they didn’t send out tracking numbers since we are supposed to sign for an alcohol package. They made it such a big deal about having someone home to sign for it. So I don’t understand why they wouldn’t send out a tracking number. Also when they did deliver it, a white small work van pulled up at my street and just waited outside my house for ten minutes. I live in a very private area, on a private road. I was very ready to call the LHPD because two men got out of the work van and just stood on my street for about ten minutes. Then one of them dropped of a brown paper bag outside my house. He ran back to the van and stood outside of the van for another ten minutes, then drove away. Maybe thats normal on other streets and it sounds like I’m over reacting, but this just does not happen on my street, like ever. Once I got the package it was literally in a brown paper bag that you would put your lunch in at school. NOT a box, a paper bag. ALSO my box of wine was dented. Not that it made it taste any differently, of course. It was just terrible that they could not handle their merchandise properly, or properly send it out. Not impressed at all.

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