Jib Gem Subscription Box- Review – April 2015

Jib Gem is a jewelry subscription box. They send out (2-3) pieces out each month for only $20 a month. They send out: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Their packaging seems a little like home business to me. SO, I’m not all that impressed with that part of their subscription. But I am a huge fan of the quality of their jewelry. Their jewelry is very similar to the quality of J.Crews jewelry.


I love that I got a matching set this time! The only downside is that the earrings are super big and make my earl lobs droopy. I love the quality of the set. I’m disappointed that it wasn’t another colorful necklace but on the other hand i’m glad that this will match with basically every outfit!


 I’m extremely impressed with this new subscription box, Unfortunately I have found a few problems with this subscription box so far. Firstly, they do not include a information card about the items nor any prices. Also on their website there is nothing that gives you any information about your account, you will find only a place to update your shipping and billing information. Lastly, They do not send or post any tracking information. You are completely in the dark with when anything is being shipped. I hope since they are such a new subscription box that they will address all these problems in the near future. Other than that I’m am excited to see what else they have to offer! What did you think of this months JibGem Box?

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