Treatsie Sweets Subscription – Review – December 2014

Treatsie Sweets Subscription Box only $15 / month + $4.95 Shipping & Handling. Each box includes amazing artisan sweets from 3 – 4 small, independent vendors, which change every month, and has a retail value of $20 – $25 before shipping. This is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime.


Serendipity Confections $5?

These caramels are absolutely delicious. They are huge too! I was only going to taste one but I ended up eating the whole thing! It has a spiciness to it, but its perfect and delicious. I’m just upset that this does not have an online shop! You can only get it from there store in the city!


Grey Ghost Cranberry Orange Cookies $1

I’m not a huge fan of cranberry or orange – definitely not in cookies – So I will be passing this along to some one who is more adventurous. I like how the cookies are still soft, you can squeeze them through the bag and they expand. Which is great! I personally hate hard cookies!


New Fangled Confections Frittle $5

This is peanut brittle, Due to my siblings allergies I can no longer have peanut butter in the house! I will be passing this along to my boyfriend who loves peanut butter! I’m not a fan of peanut butter but it does look so tasty and appetizing, which is honestly weird for me to say!


Ticket Peppermint Hot Chocolate on a Stick $5.50

Save the best for last! This was my favorite item in the box – probably because it was the only chocolate item – I’ve received these hot chocolate sticks before and they haven’t worked for me, I have to be doing something wrong the chocolate melts off the stick but still nothing happens! My end result is never Hot Chocolate! But I’m excited to try this again! This was also hand crafted in san fran! I feel like the best chocolate stuff has been coming from San Francisco lately!


So this wasn’t my favorite box. It felt like stuff was missing. I payed $20 and received $16.50… yeah, I feel so robbed by this box, Which is really disappointing for me since this is one of my favorite boxes. I will give them one more chance for them to get their act back together before I dump them! What did you think of this months box?

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