BeautyDNA Subscription Box – Review – July 2014

BeautyDNA is a fairly new subscription box company. They Only send you FULL SIZE products, which I love because I hate paying for sample sizes, samples should be free. The really cool thing about this site is that they match you to your perfect beauty products as you would on a dating site. You fill out a survey about what you want in terms of hair, face, and body products and list what you need help with and what scents you like and don’t like. They send you one to two full sized items for only $25 a month. How awesome is that!?!

There boxes are adorable!

image 3

AND even cuter on the inside!

image 5

They send you these little booklets that let you know about the product, what stores you can buy them at, how to use the product and why you have been matched to this product.


Phytokeratine Ultra Repairing Mask $39 I was so excited to try this hair mask out because my hair is thin and has a lot of breakage towards the bottom of my hair. Which is why this product was matched to me. I’ve only been able to use this product once so far but with the one experience I’ve had, I’m very disappointed. After using this hair mask my hair felt extremely waxy and difficult to manage.  I will be giving this a second chance only because I really want this to work for me, If this makes my hair the same way again I will have to pass this along to a friend.image 4


NOTE: For some reason BeautyDNA skipped over my subscription for July, so I had to contact them that I had not received anything. They replied the next day and apologized and told me that they would be sending out a box “immediately”, I received my box a little over a week after that email. I was upset because since they messed up with skipping over me and telling me that they were going to send out a box for me “immediately” I expected overnight shipping or some sort of discount. I contacted them again and they responded with apologizing for the delay and offered me my next month free and 2 day shipping. They have amazing customer service.


I payed $25 for this box and received $39 of hair cream that I hope I will grow to love! Are you going to sign up for your own personalized beauty box?

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