PetBox Subscription Box – Review & 50% off Coupon – July 2014

This was a one time purchase of a mini pet box! The cost was $6.95 or 3-4 Items retailing up to $19.99. You get to personalize this to your pet, by adding your pups name and size.

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It came in such a tiny discreet box, I was so unsure of what it was until I looked at their address. IMG_1742

There she is!


Seriously, not at all what I was expecting


Yay coupon book!


Aussie Ear 100% Natural Water Buffalo $2.99? I couldn’t find this item on their website, so I am guessing on the price. Small dogs are not supposed to have these hard bones because they get stuck in their throat. My dog had to go under go surgery because of a similar product, so I will be passing this along to a bigger dog who can handle this!


Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Spray $0 This is a SAMPLE bottle not for resale! This is safe and non toxic and has no alcohol, steroids, or antibiotics. This is great because my dog is allergic to pollen and licks the hair right off his feet because he gets so itchy. hopefully this will keep his skin from getting irritated.


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Bones $3.18 These look pretty big for my dogs, but my little yorkie loved it! She is currently chewing away at it! My bichon buried his for later. These treats are made in the USA and are all natural and gluten free, grain free, corn free, and wheat free. They have ingredients that mom approves of also! These are a all around win for my doggies!


Grin For Dental Health $6.99 These are little clover shaped dog treats to promote fresh breath, teeth, and tummy! They are soft chews and are made with green tea – which I love – They are also made in the USA! My doggies love these treats! It must be licorice taste in these soft chews that my dogs just love so much!


The Honest Company Cage Free Turkey, Vegetables & Fruits With Whole Oats $0  This is basically like oatmeal for your dogs! It is dehydrated dog food that you add warm water too. This item is made in the USA. My bichon loved this food! He devoured it in minutes but my yorkie would not even touch it.


The Honest Kitchen Free Range Chicken Vegetables & Fruits Grain Free $0 This is the same as the item above just with chicken instead of turkey. All you have to do is add water. This item is also made in the USA. My bichon loved this one also! He had this as a second course to the turkey! But my yorkie would’t touch this one either.


This box was $6.95 and I have received $13.18 worth of doggie treats and care items. I was supposed to get $19.99 worth of stuff, so I really hope that they were not including the price of the free samples. That are even listed as “free” on their websites. I’m glad I got to introduce new items to my dogs that they actually enjoyed! What did you think of this months PetBox?

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