The Taste Trunk 'Sweets' May 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

This is my first Taste Trunk Subscription Box. This review is for the May 2014 box for the “sweets” premium tasting box. They have four themed boxes: Gourmet, Sweets, BBQ, and Health. They have six subscriptions to sign up for: Monthly for $23.99, Premium Monthly for $28.99, One Time Box $55.00, Three Month $99.00, Six Month $195.00, and One Year $364.00. Go to to get your personalized 40% off coupon off your first box.

The box arrived in a priority shipping box.


Inside was the Taste Trunk Box.


First look inside box.


A newspaper envelope


Inside the newspaper envelope were individual cards about each item in the box explaining what each item is and its background.


This is first glance at the box unveiled!


The first thing I took out of this box was. Le Caramel Chocolate Caramels $6.25 .  These chocolate caramels are absolutely delicious! They taste like brownie batter in little cubes!


The next item that caught my eye was this chocolate bar by Two Snooty Chefs Chocolate and Gourmet Spice $3.25 Unfortunately for me the spice with this chocolate bar did not mix for me. It made me feel like I was eating BBQ chocolate, so this was not a hit for me. IMG_3796

The next item were these cookies by Carols Cookies, $5.00 each? on their website they do not sell individual cookies so I do not know how much each one is. but these cookies are handmade and all natural. They weigh 1/2 a pound each! i have received Toffee Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I tried a piece of the Toffee Crunch and it was heavenly, the Peanut Butter Chocolate one was good too, i’m just not a huge fan of Peanut butter. These cookies are definitely delicious and you can absolutely taste the freshness. They also have a cookie of the month club!


The Last Items were Torie &Howard Organic Hard Candy $4.99 EachThese candies are gluten free, wheat free, casein free, soy free, dairy free, have no artificial dyes, no nuts, no GMOs, and no corn syrup. I have received D’anjou Pear & Cinnamon and Blood Orange & Honey. They are only 12 calories each! The pear and cinnamon was very good, it had flavors of breakfast, but i enjoyed it. The Blood Orange & Honey was more of what i was expecting from this candy. It was much more fruitier and a little sour. It tasted more like Candy then a breakfast.


I paid $28.99 for this box and have received $27.50, It was fun to experience new foods but I don’t think I will be ordering another box unless if i have a coupon. What did you think of this months Taste Trunk?

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